Topping Off Sky Terrace Lagoon Condominium

Topping Off Ceremony Sky Terrace Lagoon Condominium

Sky Terrace Lagoon Condominium, is an apartment complex which is located in a strategic location while offering a reasonable price among the rise of property price nowadays. It has 4 towers for future residents to choose, enhanced by the facilities surrounding for convenience.

The project that started over 18 Months ago, now reached its final moment before finishing process. The Topping Off Ceremony. The event was held on 27 April 2013, on site. As how topping off ceremony should be, Sky Terrace Lagoon Condominium staff invited many performers to celebrate the event together with the invitees. Some who attended the ceremoy was directors of Sky Terrace Lagoon with the staff members, Mr. Indratno Pribadi and Mr. Boy Tarliman with staff members from PT. CATUR BANGUN MANDIRI - CBM, and the buyers for the units in Sky Terrace Lagoon Condominium.

On the bright sunny day, this 18 storey building reaches its last placement of concrete, that marks the finished structure of the building after whole construction process. With finishing work left, surely this apartment will be a magnificent choice for its future residents to live in.

PT CATUR BANGUN MANDIRI - CBM would like to congratulate Sky Terrace Lagoon Condominium for the ceremony, and gratitude for all CBM engineers and staff members who did a marvelous job to make it happen.


For more scenes of the Topping Off Ceremony, please visit our gallery link.

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