Ramadan Fasting Month Celebration in CBM

All Valuable Staff Members of CBM

On 25 July, 2013, all CBM members are invited to join the Ramadan Fasting Month Celebration. The annual event were celebrated by all members as they get the chance to know each of the other members, with the purpose of tightening individual bonds. 

The celebration was held in Hotel Mega Anggrek, full with decor, lots of food and games. Many gifts and doorprizes were given to those lucky winners, and certain prizes were given to those who have devoted their hardwork for 10 years or more as our token of appreciation.

Through this joyous event, we CBM would like to express our gratification and honor for each individual that has dedicated their thought and energy, together to make us as bright as today. Every individual counts no matter how tiny, as each contribution results in who we are today.

Congratulation for those lucky winners, and moreover, congratulation for us all to make this happen! Certainly we hope that CBM will be more eminent and well-known in the future, as we will keep developing and learning to give best services and care for our clients and staff members.

Thank you,



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