CBM for The Cove at Funtasy Island - The World's Largest Eco Resort

Funtasy Island


CBM is appointed to become the contractor for The Cove real estate at Funtasy Island, the world's largest eco resort situated in Riau Archipelago, which lies just 16 kilometers (9 miles) off the coast of Singapore. The resort itself boasts crystal clear water, coral reefs, and thousands of mangrove trees, which provide the stunning backdrop to marinas, villas, luxury bungalows and hotel accommodation, away from the hustle bustle city life for a perfect relaxing and private getaway.

As quoted from CNN, Funtasy Island is conserving the surrounding nature, as "nature trails and aquaculture tours will allow visitors to enjoy Riau's natural beauty while the short boat ride to Singapore keeps popular attractions like Universal Studios and Marina Bay Sands close"

CNN also state that "For more than 500 homes have sold to date, mostly to buyers from Singapore, Malaysia and China. In total over 1,200 holiday villas and apartments will be needed to house the one million tourists expected each year."

For more information about Funtasy Island and The Cove, please visit our portfolio gallery or the website www.funtasyisland.com

For more details about CNN coverage of Funtasy Island, please visit www.edition.cnn.com




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