CBM to Build Bintaro Parkview Apartment in South Jakarta

Bintaro Parkview

With the few number of apartment exists in South Jakarta Area, especially in Bintaro, Bintaro Parkview emerge among the landed houses surrounding as a new face and refreshing concept for people to live in. Offering many facilities to be found, such as ATM centre, Laundry, Fitness Centre, Swimming Pool, Food Court, Jogging Track, Drug Store and Mini Market in the apartment complex, residents will find the convenience to do their activites without the traffic concern to save time.

Each building will be equipeed with 24-hour security system, in addition to the access card security card that residents each has. Moreover, Bintaro parkview is located in the centre of living in South Jakarta Area, convenient  to reach by any kind of transportation.

To build the apartment, Bintaro Parkview appointed PT. Catur Bangun Mandiri (CBM) as a partner and consultant for building completion. PT. Catur Bangun Mandiri (CBM) ensures that attention to detail will be paid to each of the building structure and finishes, thus each building will not only be a building to live in, but a home for each resident. Renowned for its quality of work, CBM will surely make another quality statement with this project.

For more information, please visit www.bintaro-parkview.com


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